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Helping Hands - Bentonville, Arkansas


Anna - Volunteer

It's a 90 mile trip to come here to volunteer. I like coming down here and helping out.

I volunteer on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm 74 years old and volunteering keeps my mind going.

Sometimes people tell you their problems...sometimes they just need someone to listen to their problems...people are very grateful here.


Diana and son Jessie -

This is definitely helpful, definitely good. They are wonderful people for helping


Helping Hands has been here for many, many years and they have helped me for so many years now, I thank god they're here. I am on disability and it's really hard at the end of the month for me.


Katherine and Donald - This is the first time we've come to the food pantry. We just moved here and we're just starting out again. It's been a lot of help for us. We're transitioning from living in Fort Smith to here, it's expensive to move but we're doing it.

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