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High Plains Food Bank - Amarillo, Texas

HPFB partners with local agencies, including churches, senior centers, child care facilities, halfway houses, soup kitchens, Kids Cafes, emergency pantries, shelters, and other nonprofits to help end local hunger.

Carrie - Volunteer

We've been volunteering for about a year, my husband and I.

It gives you a good feeling, it feels like you are doing something for the community and for senior citizens. It's fun to work with a group, it's well organized, it's an easy way to contribute and there definitely is a need.

Spenser - Volunteer

I've always been interested in food banks' missions of feeding people. Since I moved here I've been looking to give back and engage with the community. It's concerning that many people in our country consider our country the best but in a lot of areas when you look at rankings of hunger, child poverty, and things like that, we're low on the list, there are 20 or 30 countries better than us in these situations. It's shocking, there are a lot of areas where we can do better.


This is something to give back to the community. The company I've also worked for for six years is big on community involvement as the mission of our company. I now chair our volunteering committee for increasing volunteering engagement across our entire 500-person firm.

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