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Rio Grande Food Project - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rio Grande Food Project provides low-income households with emergency groceries, connects clients to partner resources and services addressing the causes and effects of hunger and food insecurity, and reduces local food waste by rescuing safe, edible food from local grocery stores for immediate distribution.


David - I come here every weekend. It helps out that it's available. I wish they would have a little bit more, there are a lot of families out there who don't have food or they're struggling. Everything is so expensive, you go the store to buy dinner, it's so high.


So many people need help and the homeless too, they need help. This morning on the news they were talking about how they closed that park where homeless people were living and they moved from the park to under some bridge. They were saying that it cost thousands of dollars to clean up that park. Why don't they use some of that money that they are using to clean, to build them a facility so that they could have somewhere to go, instead of wasting all of this money. There are a lot of people with mental problems and drug use, but still, we need to give them a helping hand, don't we?


Janet and Nancy - Volunteers

It's a place I can see a difference, when we help people it makes a visible difference in people's lives. I like to do a volunteer setting where I am interacting with the people who need the service.

The other thing that is really special about this place is that it's run really well with long-term volunteers and everybody is on the same page trying to make it work...everybody is focused on let's get the food out, let's do it efficiently, let's help people.


Maria and Fred -This helps out. My mom drinks a lot of milk, she's 97. She eats good for her age. We have her at the house.


We get a box of food for her, we signed her up and then we get a box for us. It helps out you know, because we don't qualify for food stamps, we make a little bit...just because you make like five dollars more or something, they will not help you. So it's okay, these places help out a little bit for us too.

Our neighbors get it too, we have a lot of elderly neighbors. If there are a couple of things we don't use, we give to the elderly neighbors next door. We help out other people, whatever we don't want in the boxes, we share it.

Rovex and Gina - We come here every Thursday. It's a good help, we help my mom who is 84. I have work but how many hours? Inflation right now is a problem. My salary is small and if they give me a raise it's like 15 cents or 25 cents...but how high the prices now?

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